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Gone News

Operational, Once Again...

What's happening, Too Far Gone heads?  While we haven't updated the site for awhile, we have still been rocking the house.  From Schleusenkrug to Trickster to Silvester in Kalkscheune, we've been doing our best to rip crowds.

We are really excited to be back in the lab working on new material.  We got 5 new songs coming down the pipeline and big plans for 2013--including our 2nd CD and a new video!  Hope y'all are ready, 'cause we're coming.


Live Show Update

Oh man, the show on November 25th at Trickster was just outstanding!  We couldn't have had a better time and the crowd was hyped beyond belief.  Thanks to everybody who came out and everybody who wanted to.  The legend grew as the TFG crowd drank the bar dry.  What a night!

Get out the red/blue old school 3D glasses and check out this pic from the show.  Compliments of the world famous Meisterstein.  There's a few more 3D pics in the gallery as well!

The Rare Gems Series

Too Far Gone is bringing you rare cuts, live performances, remixes, new material, and basement tapes.  Beginning August 15, 2011, we will from time to time drop a rare gems on the world.


January 18, 2012: Too Far Gone

It's been a wild couple of months highlighted by the absolute madness that was the Trickster show at the end of 2011.  One song we didn't play that magical night was our original 'Too Far Gone.'  Yes, that's right, 'Too Far Gone' by Too Far Gone.  In it, we attempt to capture the simple beauty of life in Berlin.  A place where status matters so little.  A place where everybody understands the importance of enjoying life and having a good time.  It's Barry Black's favorite Too Far Gone song, but we haven't been performing it much recently as it's such a departure from the rest of our material.  Hard and heavy, it's much more in the 'Bring The Noise' style than our traditional jazz infused sound.  The primary samples include James Brown's 'It's A New Day' and Bobby Womack's 'If You Think You're Lonely Now" @ the 4:10 mark.

We attempted to record 'Too Far Gone' for our debut EP Resurrection, but we just couldn't capture the energy of the song well in the studio.  Thus, it kind of became a live only song that we stopped playing live.  The recording here is from a rehearsal about a year back.  The energy starts of a little slow, but by the middle of the track we're rolling, leaving us with perhaps the best recording we have of this special song.  Despite the rehearsal room sound quality, we hope you enjoy it!


October 14, 2011: Can't Be Stopped

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we've been unable to post for far too long.  But, alas, we are back and bringing you the goods.  As you know, Too Far Gone is basically an old school hip hop project, but you may not have known, we also take an interest in quality modern hip hop as well.  Digs, in particular, keeps us grounded with a new school influence.  'Can't Be Stopped' demonstrates that well.

While we write songs in a variety of ways, often one of us comes up with an idea and creates a template for what it might sound like.  Then the other members build upon that idea.  So, a few months ago, when Digs sent the song 'Can't Be Stopped' in an email, we knew we had something special.  But, unfortunately, the idea got buried under other already open projects and later by Drazombie's departure.  Thus, 'Can't Be Stopped' was never brought to it's proper conclusion.  Nonetheless, the kernel of the song, first designed by Digs, still exists.  So, have a listen to the TFG project that never was!  New school meets old school, complements of Digs.


September 12, 2011: Work No More (Sunday Night Mix)

We've been away for too long, so now we're back with a special one.  Those of you who have been to our recent shows know this one!  You can probably hear Barry belting out the theme now.   Work No More is a crowd pleaser that all of us can relate to.  The story behind this one goes back to December 2010.  Draz was listening to Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour (which if you don't listen to, you should) when, during one of Bob's spoken interludes, a funky little number was playing in the background.  After desperately trying to track down the tune, Don Chipone came through and figured out that it was a song called Foolish Little Girl by The Cookies (later the Shirelles).  That sound, the short instrumental segment of that song became the musical basis for Work No More.  You can hear the sample prominently.

Work No More, like many TFG songs (Not Up In Here, One of These Days), was born during those dark, despressing Berlin winter nights.  When we play the song live, it jumps and rocks the house.  But the mix presented here captures more of the desperation that the sung sprung from.  You know the feeling when you buy a lottery ticket, just hoping that somehow, someway, the stars will align and you'll never have to work again.  That's where this song comes from.  This mix is also interesting for a few other reasons.  Like he often does, Don Chipone created the remix before completing the final album mix.  Also, the second verse is the original verse from Digs, which he later altered.  This is the only place you'll find the original.  And, on top of that, the introduction of Frank Taylor.  Check it out!


August 31, 2011: Nuclear War

We're taking you way back with this Rare Gem.  This is a song from when we first got started and, in a lot of ways, were still finding ourselves as a band.  For starters, Digs & Doc Puma were not on board yet and at the time we saw ourselves as sort of a modern day Public Enemy.  A hip hop band with a social and political conscience.  The song Nuclear War clearly reflects that.  It's a song that we chose not to put on the Resurrection EP and also have discontinued playing live.  After all, as you'll read below, it's not exactly a party track.

The inspirations for this song were plentiful.  The title, like the chorus, was stolen from the true genius Sun Ra.  The title, however, is a bit of a misnomer.  Our song, unlike Sun Ra's, is not about Nuclear War, but rather the devastating permanent damage being done by the US led excursion into Iraq.


Nuclear War's references are many and quite possibly incoherent, but nonetheless worth pointing out.  We begin the song as an homage to 'The Man Who Saved The World', Stanislav Petrov, whose story is worth reading if you are unfamiliar with it.  From there, the anger infused lyrics hit upon obvious war profiteering motives, oil grabs, as well as the socio-economic dynamics of the fighting forces.  In addition, strong emphasis is placed on the fact that while the Coalition forces certainly and tragically lost over 4,000 troops, the conservative estimate of Iraqi civilians death, even in 2004, was over 100,000 as documented by the Lancet Study whose elaborate methodology was chronicled on This American Life: What's In a Number.  Such high numbers of civilians causalities, coupled with high profile incidents like wedding and funeral bombings, undoubtedly do more to foster terrorism than deter it.

The song also takes form in large part due to Tom Waits' moving and tender retelling of a soldier's story and his conversation with home in his song 'Day After Tomorrow'.  This inspired the concept that the soldiers on both sides have more in common with each other than imagined and without question, above all else, they both possess the strong desire to return home.

So, even if the song doesn't mesh with your own political ideology, sit back, relax and enjoy Chipone's brilliant mix and outstanding choice of samples.  The lyrics are definitely are not clean, so if your easily offended, this might not be for you.


August 23, 2011:  Neighborhood Junta

When it came time to choose a band name, we had a variety of excellent ideas:  Whore in Love, Gangs of Ragged Children, Reggie Deny, Pinned By Gravity, The Faithful Nihilists, A Dozen Paces and more.  But it came down to two final names: Too Far Gone and Neighborhood Junta.  We even went so far as to create a Neighborhood Junta Band Photo.   We all know how it ended, but there was just something about the name Neighborhood Junta. So, we decided to give that name to one of our songs.

Play Neighborhood Junta

Though we all still love the song, it's a bit of a departure from most of our other material and it isn't really a great party song.  Consequently, we rarely play it live.  The following recording is from a very special rehearsal a few years back when all except the yoga class taking place upstairs were in agreement that, 'we were playin' some pretty relaxin' shit.'  For this particular rehearsal, Barry Black moved over to the keyboard and Chipone ran the bass loop from his macbook.  Great solo work on this track by Barry and Pepe.  The recording quality is low, so put it on your best equipment and enjoy!



August 15th, 2011:  The first installment is a live recording from our March 19, 2011 Trickster show.  Our rendition of Full Clip by Gang Starr.  We hope you enjoy it!  Pass the link on to your friends.  Let the world know that real hip hop is back.




Back in Effect

Too Far Gone is pleased to announce a reunion show November 25th, 2011 at Trickster.  You absolutely do not want to miss this show!




Draz Apprehended

Fans of The Gone.  We are sad to report that Drazombie was forced by the German Authorities to return to the USA.  He will return next year and stronger than ever.  Too Far Gone is using the time to record some TFG staples like Swan Song, While I Rock, and Work No More, as well as working on new material.  You can expect to hear lots of fresh new shit from The Gone soon.  Stay tuned!



The Gone on CD

Too Far Gone released our first CD Resurrection on March 19, 2011.  If you're interested in a copy send us a mail in the Contact section.  Only 10 Euros!

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